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Sven Kacirek, born in Hamburg in 1975, began drum lessons at the age of ten. In 1993, he studied under Jost Nickel at "Yamaha Music Station" in Hamburg. Nickel recommended Sven to the Drummers Collective in New York City in 1996, where he participated in a 10-week certificate program under Kim Plainfield, Michael Lauren, and Zach Danziger. Sven then moved to Arnhem, Netherlands, in 1996 to attend the Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten under Rene Creemers and Joop van Erven. Returning to Hamburg in 1998, he studied under professor Udo Dahmen in the "Kontaktstudiengang Popularmusik."

In 2003, Sven collaborated with Uwe on the "field"-LP "Trespass" and worked with bass-player Beat Halberschmidt and choreographer Angela Guerreiro. He also published "Secret Drum Grooves" with Alfred Publishing/KDM in 2004. Sven's diverse projects included "From HH to Shanghai" and collaborations with choreographers like Silke Z. and Angela Guerreiro. In 2005, he recorded his solo album "The Palmin Sessions" and began composing for various choreographers.

Sven focused on integrating programmed drum'n bass grooves into acoustic drum sets, releasing Sample-CDs and books to share his concepts. His musical journey led him to perform at the World Drum Festival, release albums with Uwe as "field," and write a column for "sticks" magazine. In 2009, Sven traveled to Kenya for inspiration, blending Kenyan field recordings with his unique style for a new album.

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