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Dawit Seto, an Ethiopian performing artist specializing in contemporary dance and choreography currently based in Switzerland, intricately weaves together the stories of migrant histories from East Africa and a vigorous advocacy for climate justice in his artistic pursuits. Through his dedication to storytelling via movement, Dawit transcends physical borders, amalgamating diverse influences and social consciousness into his work, rendering it both captivating and socially impactful. 

With an impressive background that encompasses completing an artist's residency in choreography at Cité des Arts in France and obtaining a dance diploma from Ecole des Sables in Senegal, Dawit brings a wealth of international experiences to his artistic repertoire. Immersing in the intricate exploration of movement language within Ethiopia's vibrant traditional dance heritage, he infuses his creations with an authentic cultural richness that resonates with global audiences.  


As a co-founder of Contemporary Nights, Dawit curates vibrant events that provide a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their talents in Addis Ababa and across East Africa. His unwavering commitment to inclusivity is exemplified through his involvement in Movement for Life, a contemporary dance training program tailored for individuals with physical disabilities, underscoring his dedication to making art accessible and empowering for all.  Dawit Seto's artistic vision, anchored in the narratives of migration, climate justice advocacy, and cultural heritage, acts as a catalyst for profound dialogues and transformative change within the domain of contemporary dance and beyond.

Areas of work include -  Dance Films, Installation Art, Dance Research and Curation.

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